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A New Uplifting Theology for an Old Sinking World

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In light of the new challenges humanity is facing, and in view of the growing desperation from political and social conducts worldwide, we believe that the human attitude towards nature and Earth must be changed dramatically, and that such changes must come from the most basic foundations of human beliefs. The heterosophic thought, therefore, offers a new theological approach to life, for a species that has obviously lost its way, both in faith and in the lack of it. 

Heterosophy offers a new approach to religion and paganism as a method for experiencing reality through the lense of mythical and metaphorical view, and without being dependent on any litteral and transcendental entities. Gods and goddesses are being taken metaphorically as personifications of various human and non-human faculties. The goal is to change some fundamental perceptions regarding humanity's place in the world, and to get rid of some very harmful, simplistic and naive beliefs about the world and the metaphysical reality.

The Basic Principles of the Heterosophic Change

1. The human being is, first of all, a physical entity, and his/her experience of the world is based upon that fact.

2. The human experience consists mostly of beliefs and 'common agreements', that do not necessarily have anything to do with reality per se.

3. Human beliefs have brought humanity to the state in which it is today.

4. Humans live in a constant need of religious experience. This does not mean that all humans need the belief in gods: religious experience can come in various shapes and manners.

5. Given all of the above, in order to change people's beliefs, political, social or philosophical intervention is not enough. Change must be religious. Thus Heterosophy offers a theology and not only a philosophical or scientific approach.

6. Heterosophic theology consists of teachings and conclusions gathered over the years, from successes, as well as from failures, of previous heroic attempts of mankind - scientific, philosophical or religious - to formulate a sustainable worldview and ideology regarding the world we all live in.

7. The heterosophic theology offers a new approach regarding humanity's place in the world and as part of nature. This approach is subject to constant change and updating. Stepping in one place is usually unwanted, but having said that, movement must also not necessarily be in one direction, forward or backward.

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Statements about the Human as an organic being and it's role as an integral part of the world

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About Us

A Short Introduction to our History

Heterosophy is a theological endeavor, a sequel to the Order of the Unclean project. The latter was founded in 2009, and sought to formulate a philosophical and ritual framework for a non-theist religion. The main idea underlying the Order of the Unclean was that human beings, secular individuals included, seek for ritual frameworks, in addition to their everyday life. The Order of the Unclean sought to re-examine categories formulated by culture and religion, and to construct a new way of thinking about the human subject and the world it lives in. Using methods of ritual, creativity and philosophical inquiry, the Order was reclaiming concepts considered by monotheistic cultures to be infamous and rejectful for not conforming to old traditions of morality and established norms.

The heterosophical theology seeks to develop the basic ideas that began with the Order of the Unclean, and to bring them into acquaintance with the general public, while encouraging creative and passionate thinking, and developing the "sacred" potential inherent in each of us. Many ideas that were expressed in the previous project, have undergone much development in recent years. Some content has become more subtle, many topics have been updated, and the approach presented here is more convenient, more accessible, and perhaps even more positive. 

The body of thought presented in the current project and on this site, is the result of significant work and research, which are constantly evolving. The attempt to build a philosophical and ritual system that will suit the needs of the rational modern man/woman/other (those of you who feel the need or desire for such a system), comes from an in-depth thought of great ideas that preceded Heterosophy, such as those of Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Melanie Klein, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Joseph Campbell, Mirchea Eliade, Robert Segal, Julia Kristeva, Mary Douglas, Jacques Lacan and many, many others.

On this site you will find the principles behind the worldview of Heterosophy and the idea of rational paganism as we see it. Basic concepts in our philosophy, as well as additional reading/viewing materials to expand knowledge, are also to be found here.

The Institute of Heterosophy encourages its readers to formulate for themselves their own personal approach to the topics presented here, to continue studying constantly from every possible source, and never to stop doubting and asking questions. As it had been written within the Order of the Unclean project: "There is no question without an answer, and there is no answer that does not raise further questions".


Ritual Practice

To those who choose to walk the path of Heterosophy, this website offers various practices for integration during daily life, expressing the values ​​of the rational paganism of Heterosophy as we see them. The customs and experiences offered here, are of course only a recommendation, and it is important to emphasize that we do not see them as a necessary requirement or obligatory. These are different practices that we think may work well for the practitioners, and may help them open some doors to creativity, passion and connection with chaos ("Bubbling"), with nature and with themselves. The various suggestions have been formulated over the past few years, from personal experience and from thinking and meditating over the ideas. They might not suit everyone, so you must carefully choose your own paths and experiences, and take responsibility for them.


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